About Us

230452_7267057378_3387_nJulie & Laura honed their tango and cooking skills in their native Argentina before moving to NYC. There, they decided to formally combine their passions, and in 2008 GourmeTango was created. Julie is a nationally-acclaimed gourmet chef who makes healthful and delicious meals with elegant presentations. Laura is a professional Tango dancer who developed her skills in the milongas of Buenos Aires. She is a choreographer and has shared her love of tango with hundreds of students in the United States. 

About GourmeTango

GourmeTango is a company based in New York City that focuses on Tango-themed parties for wedding couples, corporations and individuals. Our parties are lively--filled with music and dance--and the food is exquisite. 
For the brides and grooms, GourmeTango provides pre-wedding tango lessons, day-of instruction for the guests at the party and a live tango band. For individuals or companies, we send an extraordinary tango couple to perform, and a live tango band at their event. Our services also include catering by co-founding partner and Argentine chef, Julie Liebhoff, who has received national acclaim in the U.S.
Tango represents romance, passion and elegance. Tango-themed parties are ideal for weddings and special events.
We also partnered with Orange York, a luxury shopping company that creates personalized shopping tours for brides, grooms and their families, or for anyone who wants to explore NYC high-end stores and gain access their VIP fitting rooms. 
The mission of GourmeTango is to create elegant tango-themed parties for their clients.